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Dream of being a writer? With Lotus BookWorks, you’re just a few taps away from seeing your e-book reach the world! Write a book on your computer, your iPhone, your iPad or on almost any mobile phone and presto! It gets published on both the web and on mobile phones. Want your e-book to reach up to a billion people? Now it can!

Become a Writer
Lotus BookWorks brings out the true writer in you.  Get ready to unleash your creativity on the world!  Write your first e-book. A short story.  A diary.  A scrapbook.  A photo journal.  A comic book. Anything you want.  Write and publish that screenplay or great American novel you’ve had hidden in your drawer.  Add images and sound. Your public is waiting.  And the master author is you.
Get Published
With Lotus BookWorks, it’s like having your own e-book writer, reader and publisher all in one!  You can write, read and share e-books instantly with your friends and millions of others on both the web and on mobile phones.  It works on the iPhone, the iPad and hundreds of other mobile phone models.  Just imagine!  Now you can reach over a billion readers worldwide.  So get ready to unleash your creativity on the world!

Join A Community
of Writers

To get started create an account on Lotus BookWorks today and you’re on your way to joining a global creative community of both writers and readers. With a presence on both the web and mobile phones, you’ll have more exposure than ever before.  This is the audience every writer has been waiting for.

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